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Established in 2000, CR Moldes Lda specialises in the design, management, manufacture, and optimisation of moulds for thermoplastic injection and die casting. After 6 years in the market under the name Rodmolde, CR Moldes Lda is today a leading company in its field, boasting a strong sense of commitment and responsibility.

CR Moldes Lda is recognised in the demanding high precision sector for the excellent solutions it offers. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and its staff is highly skilled to address even the most demanding requests.

Guided by values such as quality, rigour, flexibility, competitiveness, and a strong sense of commitment, in particular towards meeting deadlines, the company has assumed a leading role in the domestic and international markets, operating in Europe, the U.S.A., Mexico and Brazil. As regards its international business, three essential milestones stand out: the office opened in Hong Kong, the recently established company in South Africa, and the partnerships in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Algeria, and Germany.

Well consolidated in the market, CR Moldes Lda is today a certified company that meets the most stringent quality standards and aims to continue to grow, maintaining the overall policy it has set so far and giving priority to win-winrelationships established with clients, partners, and employees.


Our business environment is the driving force behind everything we do. It is where we breathe the purest air and the reason for which we work, with the responsibility of those who recognise how lucky they are to be unique in their circumstances. Imbued with the spirit of discovery instilled in us by the wind and the sea, protected by the pine forest that once supplied wood for ships, we are and will remain as strong as each maritime pine that refreshes our spirits in the hottest hours of the day. These winds and sea that mould and twist the robust trees on our coastline are the same as those that bestow us with the uniqueness of which we are so proud.

The sea is our home and our inspiration. The way it moulds dunes and cliffs with natural rigour is the same natural way we develop each project, with our daring and innovative ideas that always become unique at the end of the process. We are people, technology, know-how and culture. We are past, present and future. We are passion… we are innovation!

We always take risks but our values are solid. Our roots are in nature: we follow its steps and make it our guiding principle. Like nature, we know when to act, presenting solutions and moulding the object of our work with the accuracy of experts. The shine nature gives to its creations is also reflected in each of our projects, which we accompany and improve until reaching excellence. Side by side, we work towards the same goal; we are bold, genuine, firm and devoted. From this sensitivity comes the synergy that we genuinely create with partners and clients. The result?

A path to be valued and a style to be maintained.