Quality and Environment Policy


CR Moldes is a company whose mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialize moulds for plastic parts using responses that respond to the needs of the markets, where the operation and the value of the form are in a sustainable manner, to its customers, employees, partners, community involved and open parties.

The company intends to be a market leader and be recognized for the quality of its products, customer orientation, innovation and its concerns with sustainable development. Therefore, CR Moldes' values are customer orientation, quality, innovation and rigour. 

We consider compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and the requirements of the Environmental Management System, in accordance with NP EN ISO 14001: 2015, are fundamental to meeting our mission, vision and values.


In this sense, our Quality and Environment Policy is based on six fundamental principles:

 1. Always act with a focus on meeting the needs of each client and other parties

 2. Planning development, purchase of management and control tools

 3. Adapt strategic objectives to promote the constantly evolving market

 4.Monitoring or degree of use of Internal and External Services

 5. Continuous Training of Employees

 6. Protecting the entire environment, including types of prevention, implementing measures to minimize our environmental impacts, including:   

   - Waste Production

   - Consumption of Natural Resources

   - Energy Consumption 


This last principle is based on the implementation of preventive measures, with a view to minimizing the environmental impacts caused by the company's activity and guaranteeing the commitment to protect the environment.

Comply with statutory, legal and regulatory and other requirements that the organization signs, apply the product and its environmental resources, thus betting on the continuous improvement of the execution of its Integrated Management System.

The Management of CR Moldes commits to the following requirements, systematically providing the necessary means to permanently guarantee the quality and guarantee that they are so widespread and understood at all levels of the company and used parts.